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Company Culture

If we could describe our passions in three words, it would be


Above all things, we started a company with Walking Excavators so we could go places that not-your-average equipment could go.


Accessing our diverse projects, our operators have been transported by snow cats, four-wheel drive buggies and helicopters.


Having mountain tops and river beds as our office space is something we look forward to every day.

In such a hazardous industry we understand the risk involved in this line of work so each job is approached with safety, awareness, and vigilance.


With adventure leading and safety steering, integrity is our council; integrity in our work ethic and integrity in our client relationships.


Emulating the work ethic that we have seen in great men and women around us, we desire our job sites to be filled with composure and confidence.


One of the most important goals in our company is that we have an open, honest, communicative relationship with our clients.

If you choose to work with Dyer All Terrain Excavation, you will experience our the results of a truly exceptional excavation company.

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